Weight Management Program Patient Testimonials

As a youngster I was very athletic and never thought about diet. But years of career, stress, and family caused me to gain 100 pounds from my high school weight. After 16 years of trying to lose the weight, my wife and I decided to try Mount Sinai’s Weight Management Program. I was incredulous at first but decided that I would do whatever they said without questions asked and see how it turned out.

Once I started the program the weight started coming off. At first 2-3 pounds a week. Then 4 pounds a week. I just kept attending classes and following the program. Soon my clothes were fitting looser and I had more mobility. Then I reached my first milestone and I was psyched. I added some exercise and the weight kept coming off. After about 6 months I had lost over 40 pounds. By one year I had lost 75 pounds. I have started competing athletically again and the weight is still off. I thought that if I lost 40 pounds it would be a complete success—75 pounds was more than I could ever have asked for. Now that the weight is off I have been keeping it off with the help of the program's teachings and regular exercise.

If you just do exactly what is prescribed you will lose the weight and then some. Resistance is futile. Be faithful to the program and you will be rewarded. To this day, I am grateful to [Registered Dietitian] Maggie and to the rest of my classmates for their encouragement, insight, and support. You too can have similar success. Good luck.



This program worked for me because of the ease of the prepared meals, the regimen of the triple imperative, and the accountability of going to class every week. I never set foot in the gym during the program – the PA requirement was met by simply walking – a lot.

I was always told I was just a “big guy” and never paid much attention to my diet. The program retrained me how to eat and be accountable for my health. Everything about my lifestyle has changed since starting the program. I eat out less and cook more. I go to the gym 4-5 times a week. My friends and family are constantly pointing out that I have more energy. I was off of my blood pressure medicine within 3 months of starting the program.

I’d absolutely recommend the program to others because this is a real program that works, as long as you are willing to play by the rules and hold yourself accountable. No program will work without that – nor will any sort of surgery.



I like that the program is holistic and incorporates food, exercise, a support network, and tips for success. It is the most professional program I have ever been in and heard of. I liked the approach of “more is better,” meaning you should eat a lot of healthy foods, as opposed to controlling every gram you eat. For a weight loss program to work, you have to address simultaneously food, exercise, and education. To be sustainable any program has to rely on eating a lot of fruits and vegetables and should incorporate significant amounts of exercise.

I left the program over 6 months ago, and I still eat the “HMR supplements.” They are very convenient and easy to integrate in your daily life. I’d recommend the program to others because it is a good program to learn what really causes weight gain, and how to fight it. The people in the program are caring and totally committed to making you succeed.



Mount Sinai’s Weight Management Program is the best weight loss program I have ever used. I lost about 30 lbs. two years ago and I am managing to keep it off by still eating their tasty prepared meals. I am following their advice to eat lots of fruit and vegetables, which I love. My health has significantly improved. My high blood pressure lowered to normal levels and so did my high cholesterol. [Registered Dietitian] Maggie Lynch was instrumental in guiding us through the program. Every obese person that I meet, I tell them about Mount Sinai. Keep up the good work.