Past Events

In addition to its cutting-edge research, the Children’s Environmental Health Center (CEHC) organizes both educational and fundraising events.

Each year, the Center hosts an educational symposium on a pertinent topic in children’s environmental health. These symposia bring together top scholars from Mount Sinai and other prominent organizations to discuss current research and offer tips to protect children. Past symposium topics have included toxic toys, the possible link between plasticizers and early puberty, and the role of endocrine disruptors in contributing to breast cancer and early puberty.

CEHC’s first symposium was held on Thursday, December 6, 2007 at the Icahn School of Medicine. Entitled “Toxic Toys, Plastics & Playgrounds,” this symposium featured a panel of Mount Sinai researchers who discussed potential health risks of lead, synthetic turf field, bisphenol A (BPA), and phthalates.

The following year, the Center hosted the symposium “Plastics, Chemicals & Early Puberty” on Tuesday, December 9, 2008. This symposium featured presentations by CEHC Director Philip J. Landrigan, MD, MSc – also Professor of Preventive Medicine and Pediatrics – and Mount Sinai PEHSU Director Maida P Galvez, MD, MPH – also Assistant Professor of Preventive Medicine and Pediatrics.

Most recently, CEHC hosted the symposium “Breast Cancer, Endocrine Disruptors & Early Puberty” on Monday, November 30, 2009. At this event, speakers discussed the link between exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals and early puberty – a risk factor for breast cancer. Following the symposium, New York Times columnist Nicholas D. Kristoff wrote an editorial “Cancer From the Kitchen?”, inspired by the work presented at this event.

The Center also hosts Greening Our Children, an annual luncheon that benefits its research endeavors. Past speakers at Greening Our Children include Laurie David, Executive Producer of An Inconvenient Truth, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., President of the Waterkeeper Alliance, Laura Turner Seydel, Chair of the Captain Planet Foundation and Director of the Turner Foundation, and CEHC’s Dr. Philip J. Landrigan.