The Children’s Environmental Health Center Projects

The Children’s Environmental Health Center (CEHC) is currently working on a series of ambitious research projects that deal with some of the most pressing issues in children’s environmental health.

Our major research projects include:

Autism and Learning Disabilities Discovery and Prevention Project
To discover the preventable environmental causes of autism and other learning disabilities, we launched the Autism and Learning Disabilities Discovery and Prevention Project in May 2010.

Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Center
Part of a transdisciplinary network that works to determine how environmental factors interact with genetic factors to cause female breast cancer.

Endocrine Disruptor Exploratory Project
Categorizing and studying the effects on children’s health of exposures to bisphenol A (BPA), phthalates, perchlorate, and other endocrine-disrupting toxins.

Growing Up Healthy in East Harlem
A research project that traces the effects of pollutant exposures in the inner city environment on children’s health in East Harlem.

National Children’s Study
The Center holds a leadership role in the National Children’s Study, a multi-year, prospective, NIH-funded epidemiologic study that will follow 100,000 children from conception to age 21 to discover preventable environmental causes of childhood and adult diseases.

Pilot Project Research Program
Through our Pilot Project Research Program, we support the best and the brightest research initiatives in children’s environmental health across the Icahn School of Medicine, and we help develop the careers of young researchers.