Welcome to the Children's Environmental Centers of New York

The mission of the Children’s Environmental Health Centers of New York (CEHCNY) is to provide clinical consultation and education to families, health care professionals, public health officials, and community organizations who have concerns regarding toxic environmental exposures and environmental threats to children's health.

In order to expand clinical services and educational programs in children's environmental health beyond the New York City area, the Mount Sinai Children’s Environmental Health Center has worked with the New York State Assembly, the New York State Senate and the New York State Department of Health to build a statewide network of Children’s Environmental Health Centers across the State of New York.

The CEHCNY form a respected network of experts in children's environmental health. These Centers were created to ensure that children and communities have access to specialized medical knowledge and resources for children faced with a health risk due to a natural or human-made environmental hazard, usually at no cost.

Located throughout New York State, CEHCNY professionals provide quality medical consultation for health professionals, parents, caregivers, and patients. The CEHCNY are also dedicated to increasing knowledge about children’s environmental health by providing consultation and training to healthcare professionals. Finally, the Centers in the CEHCNY network provide information and resources to schools and community groups to help increase the public’s understanding of children's environmental health.

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