Liver Transplant Leads to Long Term Health

Sixteen years after a successful liver transplant, Anthony Scro is still feeling great and expressing gratitude for his Mount Sinai surgeon.

Anthony Scro had liver disease as result of hepatitis C, which developed into liver cancer. The cancer was located in a very dangerous area where it could have easily spread into his blood system. He was seen at prestigious cancer centers in New York, which as he said, “wrote him off.”

It was only at Mount Sinai that Anthony was given hope. His doctor, Myron Schwartz, MD, told him of a highly specialized option that could save his life: a living donor liver transplantation. But given his condition he had a very small window of opportunity in which to find a compatible donor. His family rushed to be tested and his daughter was the match. Within one month of his “being written off” at an outside center, Anthony was recuperating after his transplantation operation at Mount Sinai. His had a liver and his new life.

Now at age 70 it has been 16 years since Anthony received his transplant, and both he and his daughter are doing exceptionally well. Although his hepatitis C could damage his liver at any point, he is hopeful that with new developments in medication, he will have a treatment should it recur. He is also supremely confident in his care at Mount Sinai.

“Within one center I had access to all the treatment options—whether it was surgical techniques, diagnostics, or medicine and treatment options—I get the best coordinated care there is available. That is the only reason I am alive today. Where you go makes all the difference.”