Liver Resection Gives a Mother New Life

Q turned her panic-inducing liver cancer diagnosis into a new lease on life with the help of Myron Schwartz, MD.

“You have cancer” is one of the most devastating statements a person can hear. While Q knew she had hepatitis B it was relatively common in her community and she never felt it would progress to cirrhosis or cancer. But after a routine screening, her hepatologist told her she had cancer. She was 38 years old, in the prime of her life, and had a beautiful 3-year-old daughter and a loving husband. She became panicked and frightened for her life.

Q was referred to Myron Schwartz, MD, and, as is his policy, he agreed to evaluate Q within a week of her phone call. Q was immediately struck by Dr. Schwartz’s humanity. “I knew from his reputation he was the best surgeon for this procedure but I was I was surprised and grateful that he was also so kind, clear, and patient with us,” she says. “He put me at ease right away and I knew I was in the right hands.”

Within one month of her diagnosis, Q was home recuperating from her liver resection surgery. She is now cancer free. She expects to live a long life and looks at her diagnosis as a gift. She feels a responsibility to try to help others who may be dealing with a chronic illness or life threatening disease.

“At the end of each year my husband and I discuss who we feel lucky to have in our lives,” she says. “Dr. Schwartz is and will always be at the top of that list.”