Meet Our Team

Members of our gastrointestinal cancer team include medical oncologists, surgeons, transplant specialists, gastroenterologists, and radiation oncologists. For more information on any GI cancer service provider, including specialties and diseases treated and how to make an appointment, click on the links below or use our Find a Doctor feature.

Medical Oncology
Celina Ang, MD
Randall F. Holcombe, MD, MBA
Sofya Pintova, MD
Max Sung, MD

Support Staff
Advanced Practice:
Charin Borrero, RPA-C
Paola DeGregorio, RPA-C

Jennifer Caldwell, RN, BSN
Linda Forcello, RN, BSN, OCN

Social Work/Nutrition
Taylor Guerin, LMSW
Jenna Merz, LMSW
Paula Occiano, RD, CSO, CDN

Celia Divino, MD
Marcelo Facciuto, MD
Raja Flores, MD
Sander Florman, MD
Adrian Greenstein, MD
Ganesh Gunasekaran, MD
Tomas Heimann, MD
Spiros Hiotis, MD
Sergey Khaitov, MD
Alex Ky-Miyasaka, MD
Daniel Labow, MD
David S. Lee, MD
Umut Sarpel, MD
Myron Schwartz, MD
Michail Shafir, MD
Randolph Steinhagen, MD
Patricia Sylla, MD

Christopher DiMaio, MD
Rakesh Gupta, MD
Steven Itzkowitz, MD
Michelle Kim, MD
Aimee Lucas, MD
Satish Nagua, MD
Richard Warner, MD

Ritu Agarwal, MD
Jawad Ahmad, MD
Nancy Bach, MD
Meena Bansal, MD
Charissa Chang, MD
Douglas Dieterich, MD
Priya Grewal, MD
Gene Im, MD
Hyung Leona Kim-Schluger, MD
Frank Klion, MD
Linda Law, MD
Lawrence Liu, MD
Joseph Odin, MD
Ponni Perumalswami, MD
Tom Schiano, MD

Radiation Oncology
Michael Buckstein, MD
Kenneth Rosenzweig, MD