HealthLeaders - "Rounds Preview: Excelling in Cardiac Care"

The interventional cardiology program at The Mount Sinai Hospital consistently ranks as a top—if not the top—program in New York City in terms of volume and lowest complications.

New York, NY – June 13, 2012 / Press Release / —

Samin K. Sharma, MD, director of clinical cardiology and president of The Mount Sinai Heart Network, says the reasons are quite simple. Leadership and teaching, adherence to a strict set of protocols, and communication all form the basis of the program's success in the city's fiercely competitive heart market. "There are five of us interventionalists who are the backbone of this program at Mount Sinai," Sharma says. "One of us always stays until the lab is done. It could be midnight, could be 2:00 a.m., but we stay all night to help these other interventionalists to get a good outcome." Learn More