Diversity at Mount Sinai

As a health care institution that serves diverse communities in New York City and beyond, Mount Sinai is strongly committed to meeting the needs of people from all walks of life. That commitment has special meaning in our Department of Human Resources, which is responsible for recruiting, retaining and supporting the people who fulfill our multi-faceted mission of patient care, medical education, innovative research and community health care. The Department’s goal is to find the most highly qualified individuals for every position at Mount Sinai, help them reach their potential, and assist them as they help us maintain our tradition of excellence.

Diversity in our professional and support staff is vital to meeting all these objectives. In fact, we believe that diversity is a driver for excellence at Mount Sinai. When the members of our team bring different experiences, perspectives and insights to their work, they help make Mount Sinai a hospital that is responsive to its widespread community, a leader in health care and a vibrant, interesting and fulfilling place to work.

Our commitment to diversity builds on a strong foundation. The Mount Sinai Hospital and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai have long been active in this field in numerous ways but particularly through the Center for Multicultural and Community Affairs at the Icahn School of Medicine and various community partnerships and pipeline education programs such as the Center for Excellence in Youth Education that encourage people from–diverse perspectives and lifestyles to pursue careers in health care.

At Mount Sinai, we seek to retain the best people and maintain a welcoming, nurturing work environment where they can develop professionally. With support from Mount Sinai leadership, we offer mentoring and networking opportunities through such groups as Mount Sinai Rising Professionals, a personal and professional networking group that is open to all employees and the Diversity Council, a group established by the Dean of the Ichan School of Medicine to advance the recruitment and retention of faculty members from groups underrepresented in science and medicine, among other opportunities.