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Postdoctoral Fellow

Full/Part Time: Full Time
Location/Affiliates: The Mount Sinai Hospital
Department: 821 - Cardiology
Requisition Number: PD13-1599128

Job Description:

Develop highly specialized models of cardiovascular diseases, including those with ischemic and non-ischemic etiologies that mimic common human disorders. Investigate mechanisms underlying cellular excitation-contraction coupling in isolated myocytes. This will provide my team with critical information that will aid in the rapid development and screening of new pharmacological agents that are designed to improve the blood pumping efficiency of the failing heart. Also perform metabolic and electrophysiological measurements at the tissue level in langendorff perfused hearts. This will uncover mechanisms by which cellular energetics control electrical function. Use in vivo gene transfer methods to alter the expression of key mitochondrial and calcium cycling proteins.

Mount Sinai Medical Center is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. We recognize the power and importance of a diverse employee population and strongly encourage applicants with various experiences and backgrounds. Mount Sinai Medical Center--An EEO/AA-D/V Employer.

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