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Post Doctoral Fellow

Full/Part Time: Full Time
Location/Affiliates: The Mount Sinai Hospital
Department: 032 - Infectious Disease
Requisition Number: PD13-1599546

Job Description:

Post Doctoral Fellow will conduct research in the NIH-supported program to investigate pathobiology of HIV mediated cognitive impairment in a mouse model of HIV infection. The work includes preparation and titration of HIV stocks, infection of mice and evaluation animal cognitive deficits in behavioral tests including Morris water maze, dissection of mouse tissues, and quantitative analytical assays to measure HIV burdens in peripheral tissues and brain by polymerase chain reaction and immunological and immunofluorescence techniques. Experiments will also include identification of HIV infected murine cells by double- and triple immunofluorescence assays in vitro and in animals, macrophage migration assays, and testing knock-out and mutant mice to identify biological pathways involved in HIV induced cognitive impairment. Post Doc Fellow will prepare his findings for publication, draft manuscripts, assisting with writing grant applications, and present and discuss her results at lab meetings and seminars. The position requires an MD or Ph.D. degree and 2-3 years of post-doctoral experience in neurobiology, molecular biology, virology, and animal experimentation.

Mount Sinai Medical Center is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. We recognize the power and importance of a diverse employee population and strongly encourage applicants with various experiences and backgrounds. Mount Sinai Medical Center--An EEO/AA-D/V Employer.

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