Honors and Awards

The Mount Sinai Hospital has a history of implementing initiatives designed to preserve the environment. We have been recognized with several prestigious awards:

2011 - Mount Sinai receives the 2011 Stryker Healthy Hospital Award. As a result of as a result of waste reduction efforts and environmentally sound healthcare practices, this award was presented to Mount Sinai for being a leader in sustainability. In 2011, Mount Sinai was able to reduce supply costs by $1.5 million and relocate 19,100 pounds of medical waste from landfills.

2010 - Mount Sinai Received its Second Healthy Hospital Award as a result of improvements in reprocessing, which saved the medical center a staggering $1.6 million and diverted over 26,500 pounds of waste.

2009 - Mount Sinai Received an EPA Environmental Quality Award. This award can be credited to advancements in the Department of Environmental Health and Safety (EnvHS). Over the past few years, EnvHS has built an extensive multimedia environmental compliance program, which manages 350 “satellite accumulation areas” for hazardous waste storage, develops and delivers environmental compliance training, and conducts regular compliance audits at over 800 research laboratories.

2009 - Mount Sinai Received the Healthy Hospital Award for our remanufacturing and reprocessing program with Ascent Healthcare Solutions. This reduced supply costs by $729,126 and medical waste by 19,439 pounds.

2006 - Mount Sinai is Deemed a Leader in Energy Efficiency. The New York State Energy Research & Development Agency (NYSERDA) recognized Mount Sinai for launching the largest lighting project statewide to earn an energy rebate.

2006 - Mount Sinai was Designated One of America's Top 10 Green Hospitals. This award was a result of the environmentally friendly renovation of our Lauder Center for Maternity Care, which greatly improved indoor air quality in the medical center.