Recycling is a top priority at The Mount Sinai Hospital. In order to recycle, the Waste Management Department sorts all waste, separating recyclables (green liners) from the general trash. To help with this process, staff members are reminded to use the green liners for recyclable waste. Click here for Mount Sinai's Recycling Guide [PDF]

To enhance our recycling efforts, certain Mount Sinai buildings now send all trash to recycling facilities, rather than storing waste in landfills. If your nearest trash can contains a green bag, this means your trash is recycled. Please remember to place only dry waste no food or liquids in these bins. There are clear trash bags located in kitchen and other lounge areas for all non-recyclable trash.

Thanks to the help of our faculty, staff, and visitors, recycling has increased significantly at The Mount Sinai Hospital. In 2008, the medical center began by recycling 33 tons a month. Two years later, we increased recycling to nearly 100 tons a month – a 200% increase.