Green Transportation

At The Mount Sinai Hospital, we are working to improve green transportation. Current initiatives include:

More bike racks for green commuters.
At Mount Sinai, both indoor and outdoor bicycle racks are available. Our racks are located both indoors and outdoors:

Outdoors: On the north side of the East Building at 1425 Madison Avenue and by the Atran Building at 1428 Madison Avenue, located by the security booth and across the street from the East Building.

Indoors: In the parking deck of the East Building, located on East 99th Street and Madison Avenue.

Click here for a map of bike racks at The Mount Sinai Hospital [PDF]

Mount Sinai allows employees to park bicycles inside the medical center, as long as these bikes do not interrupt daily activities and operations. To obtain permission to keep your bike indoors, please contact Timonthy Burgunder, Director of Security, at

Minimizing pollution from exhaust fumes.
Exhaust fumes are emitted into the environment when gasoline undergoes combustion. To limit this source of air pollution, Mount Sinai is working to relocate the vehicles of employees who park in the main parking garage in the East Building. By limiting the number of vehicles, we prevent pollution from exhaust fumes and idling engines.

Better shuttle systems to encourage carpooling.
Mass transit is one of the easiest ways to decrease gas consumption and reduce air pollution. The Mount Sinai Hospital is working to increase shuttle frequency and improve shuttle service.