Clean Goes Green

Did you know that cleaning products contain chemicals that harm both our health and the environment? To address this issue, Mount Sinai’s Housekeeping Department, managed by Crothall Services Group, has implemented several eco-friendly changes over the past year.

Using Sustainable Cleaning Products
We have switched four of our cleaning products to Green Seal certified products. This means that products have been approved by rigorous, science-based standards that ensure sustainability and protect the health of our patients. Mount Sinai has switched its glass cleaner and neutral cleaner – two products that are commonly used to keep the medical center clean.

Eliminating Harmful Sprays
We have eliminated aerosols and replaced them with furniture polish and stainless steel wipes. This reduces the spread of toxic chemicals that are found in aerosol sprays.

Reducing Caustic Chemicals
We have purchased floor-maintenance machines that strip old wax with hot water and agitation. By using these machines, Mount Sinai eliminates the need for a stripping solvent – the most caustic chemical used in housekeeping.