Environmental Health and Safety

Proper chemical management is crucial to control pollution and to promote environmental health and safety. Mount Sinai’s Division of Environmental Health and Safety (EnvHS) encourages all laboratories to practice chemical waste minimization by implementing the following “best practices”:

Maintain an up-to-date inventory of all stored chemicals.

Keep chemical ordering to a minimum by ordering only what is necessary.
Buying in bulk might generate expired or unused chemicals that will become hazardous chemical waste.

Conduct regular visual inventory inspections.
When conducting inspections, make sure to:

  • Check bottles for expiration dates; if supplies are not used quickly enough, adjust ordering quantities.
  • Check containers for leaks or damage. Containers left in poor condition are safety risks; they may leak onto other containers, rendering them useless and creating more hazardous waste.

Upcoming Initiatives

To promote environmental health and safety, EnvHS will establish a centralized chemical ordering warehouse in the new Center for Science and Medicine. It will function as a centralized ordering hub and provide limited storage space for an on-site stock of chemicals. This helps The Mount Sinai Hospital comply with the Fire Department of New York (FDNY) regulations that limit the quantity of flammable materials stored in individual laboratories.