Greening Efforts at Mount Sinai

At The Mount Sinai Hospital, our greening efforts extend throughout every department in the medical school and across each division of the hospital. Greening at Mount Sinai means:

  • We are working to make our community a healthier environment for staff and patients.
  • We are reducing the impacts of our activities and our facilities on the environment that surrounds us.
  • We are promoting environmental health among our staff and in our community. We encourage carpooling, energy efficiency, recycling, waste reduction, local sustainable agriculture, clean air regulations, reducing the use of pesticides, children’s environmental health, and community gardening.
  • We are making Mount Sinai a community leader by setting an example for other medical centers, hospitals, businesses, and schools how to minimize environmental impacts.

From designing new Green Buildings to reducing waste, The Mount Sinai Hospital is taking a lead role in promoting sustainability. The following pages highlight initiatives we are promoting throughout Mount Sinai.