Questions and Answers on Recycling at Mount Sinai

We need your help in order to implement programs throughout the Mount Sinai Health System that are sustainable, respect the environment, and protect human health. We understand that you probably have some questions. Here are answers to some commonly asked questions.

What materials can I recycle at Mount Sinai?
You can recycle paper, cardboard, glass, metal cans and plastic.

Are there separate receptacles for different recyclables?
There are two kinds of containers for recyclables – one is for non-confidential paper, and the other is for co-mingled glass, metal cans and plastics. They are color coded and marked so they are easy to distinguish.

Where can I find these receptacles?
The containers are centrally located throughout the institution in common areas such as waiting areas, lounges, lobbies, kitchen/pantry areas, and nurse’s stations.

What are “green liners?” Where can I find them, and how and why should I use them?
The green liner permits waste management staff to spot the difference in recyclable material and regular trash quickly. Since Mount Sinai has chute systems in most buildings, housekeeping staff throws all bags down the chutes. Waste management staff then separates the green from the clear bags and deposits them into different compactors dedicated for each waste stream.

Should I dispose of burnt out light bulbs in the container designated for glass, metal cans and plastic?
No. Used light bulbs cannot be recycled. Neither can mirrors, dishes or Pyrex containers, broken glass, batteries, paint or oil cans, plastic bags, Styrofoam, food or liquid.

Where should I dispose of empty aerosol cans?
Empty aerosol cans, along with glass and plastic bottles and cans, aluminum foil and plastics, may be disposed of in the receptacles designated for glass, metal and plastic.

How do I recycle paper that contains confidential information?
Paper that contains confidential information should be placed in the bins marked for shredding.

Can I recycle paper with staples or paper clips?
Yes, paper with staples and paper clips can be placed in the bins for recycling, but please don’t recycle paper with spiral bindings, hard cover books, vinyl brochures or paper plates or napkins containing food.