Patient-Related Placements

Ambassador Program 

The Cullman Institute Ambassador Program places volunteer ambassadors at Mount Sinai's entrances to greet patients, families and visitors, offer directions, and provide escorting assistance. The program provides a friendly and welcoming environment in this large medical complex.

    • Minimum age: 16
    • Minimum hours: 3 consecutive hours per week
    • Times to volunteer: Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Breast Health Resource Program 

The Mount Sinai Breast Health Resource Program is dedicated to meeting the emotional and practical needs of women with breast cancer. Volunteers in the Patient to Patient Program must be former breast cancer patients and at least one year post diagnosis. Clerical and special projects may be available for those interested volunteers who may not have had breast cancer.

    • Minimum age: 21
    • Minimum hours: 4 consecutive hours per week for 12 months
    • Time to volunteer: Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

C.A.R.E.: Care and Respect for Elders in Emergencies (Geriatric ED) 

The Department of Emergency Medicine's Care and Respect for Elders with Emergencies (CARE) volunteer program is dedicated to enhancing the care for older patients who are making Emergency Department visits. Volunteers strengthen the quality of patient care by providing bedside comfort and support and helping to prevent avoidable complications, including the onset of Delirium. Volunteer interventions range from playing games to conversation to offering reading glasses, hearing amplifiers, and stress balls This is an excellent opportunity for anyone who enjoys interaction with geriatric patients in a very busy setting.

    • Minimum age: 18
    • Minimum hours: 100 hours over 6 months (4 hours per week)
    • Times to volunteer: Monday through Sunday; 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., or 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Child Life 

The Child Life Program helps infants, children, and adolescents cope with illness and hospitalization by offering therapeutic activities tailored to meet their social, emotional, and education needs. Child Life volunteers help staff the playrooms for both inpatients and outpatients, and bring play and art materials to the bedside. In addition, volunteers assist our staff with toy cleaning and other tasks to help maintain a safe environment. This is an excellent opportunity for individuals who may be interested in pursuing future careers in hospital environments.

    • Minimum age: 17 [limited opportunities for 15 and 16 year olds]
    • Minimum hours: 4 consecutive hours per week for 4 consecutive months
    • Times to volunteer: 7 days a week

Derald H. Ruttenberg Treatment Center 

The Derald H. Ruttenberg Treatment Center brings together highly trained medical staff who are dedicated to the comprehensive care of cancer patients. Volunteers provide assistance and compassion to patients and families to ensure their visit is as comfortable as possible.

The “Volunteer Patient Navigator” is to help familiarize patients and caregivers with The Ruttenberg Treatment Center, assist in communication of any delays and provide companionship and support, with the focus being on new patients and patients who come to The Ruttenberg Treatment Center alone.

    • Minimum age: 18
    • Minimum hours: 4 consecutive hours per week
    • Times to volunteer: Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.; Saturday, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The Dubin Breast Center 

The Dubin Breast Center brings together highly trained medical staff dedicated to breast care patients. Volunteers provide direction and assistance to patients and family members to ensure their visit is as comfortable as possible.

    • Minimum age 18
    • Minimum hours: 4 consecutive hours per week
    • Times to volunteer: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The Hospital Delirium Program 

The Hospital Delirium Program at Mount Sinai Hospital is looking for volunteers to join the team.

Delirium is a syndrome of global brain dysfunction associated with acute medical and surgical conditions, typically occurring in hospitalized geriatric patients.  Delirium is associated with much higher death rates, falls, readmissions to the hospital, poor recovery from medical and surgical conditions and permanent brain damage. The treatment of delirium includes medical interventions as well as non- medical interventions including promoting cognitive stimulation, reorientation to the environment, and increased mobility. We are seeking volunteers to assist with the provision of these non-medical interventions in a team effort to treat active cases of delirium and prevent delirium in high risk cases. These interventions will have a tremendous positive impact on patient outcomes.

Volunteers will gain one-on-one patient experience in medical and surgical unit settings and have opportunities to interface with the interdisciplinary teams involved in the patient’s care. Orientation, ongoing supervision and education will be provided by two highly experienced clinicians.

If this opportunity is of interest to you please contact either:  Joseph Friedman, MD, Medical Director of the Hospital Delirium Program at or the Associate Director, Sapina Kirpalani, NP at

    • Minimum age: 18
    • Minimum hours: 100 hours over 6 months (4 consecutive hours per week)
    • Times to volunteer: Monday through Friday (9am - 5pm)
    • Summer 2016: (15 hours a week for 8 weeks or 120 hours)

Inpatient Care 

Volunteers at Mount Sinai provide comfort and support to hospitalized patients, their loved ones, and staff. Duties may include answering patients' call lights, re-stocking isolation carts, and assisting with clerical duties. Compassion and sensitivity are at the core of this assignment. Whether participating in a Falls Prevention or another specialized inpatient program, volunteers maintain weekly commitments to visit an assigned floor and enhance the patient's experience alongside the healthcare team.

    •    Minimum age: 18 (15-17 year olds, see Varsity Volunteer Corps)
    •    Times to volunteer: Monday - Friday, 9 am - early evening
    •    Minimum hours during academic year: 4 consecutive hours per week for 6 months   (100 hours)

The Martha Stewart Center for Living 

Volunteers at the Martha Stewart Center for Living assist patients, families, caregivers, and staff to promote and facilitate access to health care resources for older adults and to enhance the public perception of aging.

    • Minimum age: Varies with assignment
    • Minimum hours: 4 consecutive hours per week
    • Times to volunteer: Monday through Friday

Music for Healing 

Volunteers may perform either at the patient's bedside or in an open area where patients and their families may come to listen. Musicians must demonstrate sensitivity to the special needs of patients and should have knowledge of soothing music. Volunteers may use voice, an instrument, or both.

    • Minimum age: 18
    • Minimum hours: variable
    • Times to volunteer: Monday through Friday

Guide for Musicians on Call (MOC) 

Musicians On Call is a national organization which provides volunteer musicians to hospitals across the country. Volunteer Guides escort the musicians from room-to-room during MOC's Bedside Performance Programs. Volunteer Guides ask patients if they would like to hear a song and introduce the musicians prior to their performances at patients' bedsides and, occasionally, in common areas (e.g., playrooms, dining rooms, etc.). You don’t need to be a performer or musically inclined to be a Volunteer Guide. You just need to have a passion for music as part of the healing process. Volunteer Guides are critical to the success of the program.

Preventable Admissions Care Team (P.A.C.T.) 

PACT is a program designed to reduce the number of 30-day readmissions to the hospital and is staffed with social workers who assess the individual needs of patients that are at high risk for readmission. During the 4 weeks after discharge, patients are followed closely by their PACT social worker in an effort to improve diet and medicine compliance, coordinate medical care, and assist with transportation to follow-up visits. PACT also addresses a variety of social needs including housing and insurance.

Volunteers assist PACT social workers with numerous tasks related to the above activities, and need to understand and appreciate the needs of this patient population.

    • Minimum age: 18
    • Minimum hours: 8 hours per week for a minimum of 3 consecutive months
    • Times to volunteer: Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm

Patient Support and Liaison 

Volunteers assist and comfort patients in waiting areas, answer non-medical questions, monitor and inform patients of their wait-time, and assist the reception desks with patient flow from waiting rooms to exam rooms. Volunteers may also assist with data collection for quality improvement studies.

    • Minimum age: 17
    • Minimum hours: 4 hours per week for 4 consecutive months
    • Times to volunteer: Monday – Friday, 9am – 6pm; limited Saturday morning placements

Pet Assisted Therapy (PAT) 

Individual volunteers and their dogs must be certified as a Pet Assisted Therapy team by a recognized organization [e.g. Good Dog Foundation, Therapy Dogs International, or Pet Partners] which recommends the team for hospital service. Each PAT team is screened by the Volunteer Department for suitability in our hospital environment.

    • Minimum age of volunteer: 16
    • Times to volunteer: 7 days a week

The Recananti/Miller Transplantation Institute (RMTI) 

The RMTI is a multi-organ transplantation program. Volunteers assist with administrative tasks, serve as patient escorts and greeters, and assist with awareness walks and donor campaigns.

    • Minimum age: Varies with assignment
    • Minimum hours: 80-10 hours per week for 2 academic semesters
    • Summer commitment: 20 hours per week for 12 weeks
    • Times to volunteer: Varies with assignment

Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention Program (SAVI) 

Volunteer advocates with the SAVI program provide free and confidential advocacy, support and referral services to past and present survivors of rape, sexual assault, incest, and domestic violence. Volunteers also offer support to survivors' families and friends in the Department of Emergency Medicine. For further information, contact SAVI at 212-423-2140.

    • Minimum hours: one 12-hour on-call shift
    • Times to volunteer: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. or 6 p.m. to 8 a.m. once a month after successful completion of a 40-hour training course

Spiritual Care and Education 

Volunteers of all religions and faith backgrounds are invited to visit patients who request a visit. Mount Sinai’s Pastoral Care volunteers help patients feel less lonely, experience a sense of community and can cheer patients through difficult times. Volunteers make a huge difference in the way people feel when they are in the hospital and can provide support and encouragement for family members. Learn more

Varsity Volunteer Corps (high school students only) 

High school students learn what to expect when visiting patients in the hospital, how to feel comfortable meeting patients and families, and understand hospital staff roles and interactions with staff.

    • Minimum age: 15
    • Minimum hours: 2 consecutive hours/wk for 6 months or 4 hours/week for 8 weeks in summer
    • Times to volunteer: Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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