The Wall Street Journal - "Is a 3-D Mammogram Better at Avoiding False Positives?"

 – October 2, 2012 /Press Release/  –– 

A new, detailed mammography exam catches more cancers while causing fewer false alarms. In just a few months, radiologists say they are finding cancers they would have missed with the standard exam. Radiologists say they can now see tumors that would have been obscured by surrounding tissue. The benefit is particularly noticeable in women with dense breasts, in which tumors can be hard to see, but the 3-D exam produces better results in all women. The new exam will likely save lives by finding cancers earlier and give women "more options," such as skipping chemotherapy or getting a lighter dose, says Dr. Laurie Margolies, director of Breast Imaging at The Mount Sinai Medical Center. Learn more