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Biomedical Science

Fulfilling the Promise of Biomedical Research [PDF]
April 2010
Dennis S. Charney, MD and Kenneth L. Davis, MD

No Stem Cell Left Behind [PDF]
May 2009
Ihor R. Lemischka, PhD

Biomedical Research: A Cure for Nation's Ills [PDF]
November 2009
Dennis S. Charney, MD

Promises Unfulfilled [PDF]
April 2009
Kenneth L. Davis, MD



Fighting Round Two: Recurrent Prostate Cancer [PDF]
June 2010
William K. Oh, David B. Samadi, MD, Richard G. Stock, MD, Simon J. Hall, MD

Recalculating Cancer [PDF]
June 2009
Stephen J. Burakoff, MD


Health Care Reform

The Myth of Geographical Variation [PDF]
August 2010
Ira Nash, MD

Protecting Urban Academic Medical Centers: An Endangered Species [PDF]
March 2010
Kenneth L. Davis, MD

What Patients Really Want [PDF]
September 2009
Diane E. Meier, MD


Heart Health

Prevention: A Heart Health Imperative [PDF]
July 2009
Valentin Fuster, MD, PhD


Medical Education

Science and Medicine in the Service of Society [PDF]
September 2010
John H. Morrison, PhD, and David Muller, MD



Why Are We Subsidizing Childhood Obesity ? [PDF]
October 2010
Philip J. Landrigan, MD

Sugar Tax May Sour New York's Thirst for Soda [PDF]
May 2010
Derek LeRoith, MD

Organ Donation [PDF]
February 2010
Sander Florman, MD

What's Getting into Our Children? [PDF]
J. Landrigan, MD, MSc
August 2009


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