We are pleased to share with you this collection of commentaries that have appeared The New York Times.

Launched in April 2009 and appearing on the lower right-hand corner of the op-ed page, these pieces demonstrate Mount Sinai's thought leadership on a range of timely topics in science, clinical care, medical education, and health care reform.

We select each topic based on Mount Sinai's strengths, and each author's expertise and prominence in his or her field nationally. In 2011, we look forward to exploring new topics and expanding aspects of those we have previously covered in order to present readers of The New York Times with the full scope of our research, insight, and leadership.

We welcome any feedback and suggestions.

Kenneth L. Davis, MD
President and CEO The Mount Sinai Health System

Dennis S. Charney, MD
Dean, Icahn School of Medicine
Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs
The Mount Sinai Health System


How Not to Fix the "Doc Fix" [PDF] Kenneth L. Davis, MD

Social Service Support: Better for Individuals and Health Care [PDF] Kenneth L. Davis, MD

Urban Teaching Hospitals Disproportionately Targeted for Medicare Cuts [PDF] Kenneth L. Davis, MD

Save Our Doctors: Don't Cut Graduate Medical Education [PDF] Kenneth L. Davis, M.D., and Dennis S. Charney, M.D.

Increasing Kidney Donation: A Health and Fiscal Imperative for the Nation [PDF] Sander S. Florman, MD and Kenneth L. Davis, MD

A Call to Action: Clinical Trials for Breast Cancer Research [PDF] George Raptis, MD, MBA, and Elisa Port, MD, FACS

A National Call to Action: Reduce Barriers to Mental Health Care [PDF] Wayne K. Goodman, MD and Dennis S. Charney, MD

Why We Need More and Better Vaccines [PDF] Peter Palese, PhD and Nicole M. Bouvier, MD


Commentaries Collection: 2009-2010

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